Nidalee Players Want Riot To Step Up And Fix The Mess Riot Created.

I mean, look at the Nidalee mains subreddit, there is a new post every day. Numerous boards posts here in the last week with no red response. Nidalee players have gone in depth with Nidalee's problems and ways to fix Nidalee but it all seems to go unheard. Us Lane Nidalee players had our champion taken from us unfairly. The main problem with current Nidalee is a 700 range pounce that locks you onto the hunted target, and Nidalee has too much damage loaded into executing targets. This means when Nidalee gets ahead, she can't be stopped. She jumps across and 1 shots anybody who gets the hunt on them which isn't fair to the enemy nor fun for the Nidalee player. Nidalee would be more fun to play against and to play if you had to land multiple spears instead of 1 spear/trap and then flying into them. This is just in the last week, and it isn't slowing down. Players obviously are not happy with the way Nidalee currently is and would like Riot to step in and fix the problem. We do not want to ruin Jungle Nidalee, but to make Lane Nidalee playable again. Please read these posts and discuss what Riot can do to fix her, and please get this issue in front of Riot!
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