Burst builds are becoming the norm, and it sucks.

Can we just take a moment to analyze the current meta? Shyvana- AP build is better than bruiser, tank or on-hit. Malphite- Same thing as above, AP build is better than tank build. Vladimir- The guy we thought of as a go-to tank mage plays like an assassin. Garen- The epitome of tanky damage is now just damage-damage. It isn't just limited to champions, look at the support role. Only things that give absurd amounts of damage are played, to the point that Senna, the newest support needs to be given, AD, Range, lifesteal, and crit chance to work properly. Pyke is literally forbidden from being a tank, though his tank itteration might be more healthy than his current one. I mean, even things that aren't supports will be played like supports if they do enough damage. Examples are Swain and Shaco that are actually good supports right now, and Brand whose default role has become support. Riot is even balancing around it, instead of helping Brand be a midlaner mage. This is not ok. There should be more to a moba than simple who clicks on whom first. The damage of the entire game needs to go down by good 30-40%. I mean, look at the resolve tree. Even that gives offensive stats with Grasp and Aftershock doing damage and only guardian being the utility shield (guess which one is the least used out of all 3?) Do we really need new lethality items and less vision in the preseason?

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