this game needs so much STUDYING TIME to be successful ,my champ is actually unplayable to climb wit

it sucks this game is in a point that many champions are unplayable, crit changes, scuttle changs, i cant climb with any champ i want anymore (not to challenger but diamond ?) u have to play meta champs, put so much to learn them ? and then probably another game changer patch and they are not playable ? it is not even play time, i play a lot daily over 8 hours but even with playing you cant be good at game, it actually needs to study to be successful, if i was able to study shits 8hours daily i was a chess master or i was studying in harvard instead playing ur shit balanced game, unbelieveable unfun game, needs to study all day about champs that are not fun for you and their mechanics to enjoy game, it is not at all enjoyable, u cant even hide, i cant pick fucing jarvan and hide from xin zhao u have to go and fight over scuttle game was so more fun to play older, cant even think to playing it, i actually feel more fun to study chess openings and play with cheaters rather than playing league of legends, literally cant even think to play, im ready for study but not playing lol, i do anything run around house to park for 4hours but not playing this game, super negative experience everytime i play the game
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