I have an important Discussion about Aurelion sol.

This champion has been revealed since season 2-3 he was made a very long long time ago known as Ao shin, so many people were excited to see him as a real champion and many were looking forward to main a star god dragon carry, well he is finally made 6 months ago but. As a champion i don't see benefits in him beside his aura stun while it scales and his pushover ult for teamwork other than that he doesn't have a power to solo someone, and no Gap-closer to defend himself his passive works on a marksmen mostly not melee ones, anyone can get to his melee and rush him up. I want to know why he seems the weakest champion in the game, as a dragon and a god of stars? his lore suppose to make him an "Op carry Tank mage which will definitely fit the gameplay of the star god dragon" and not make him like how he is right now, i wanna find out a straight balance for him or rework because he doesn't meet his lore with his supporting game-play it is very boring and very weak compared to every other champion in the game. Please Riot, can we think about it or him as a champion or a carry? a full interesting God of stars champion, a dragon, a monster, an awesome looking creature. yet ... he is the worst and weaker... {{champion:136}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}} {{item:3070}}
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