So, Riot, could Viktor get some buffs already?

His Win rate has been on a downward trend ever since his mini rework and the "changes" to Rylais, making him sit on a 45% win rate at the time of me writing this. He's only seen nerfs ever since he got reworked and it all adds up to him being in a really pitiful state right now. He's clunky due to him still somewhat relying on {{item:3116}} to do his job plus having raised his {{item:3196}} to a whole #1250 gold makes him rely so hard on actually going even in lane or getting an early kill. Whereas other mid laners can just stack Dorans or get cheap component items Viktor NEEDS to get his first hexcore upgrade in order to be relevant. So, can we actually revert the cost increase already? Or actually buff him in any other way. He's by far one of the coolest mid laners there is and compared to stuff like {{champion:61}}, {{champion:103}} and {{champion:134}} he actually requires quite a bit of effort to do well on. Most of his damage is bound to skillshots and his Chaos storm is really telegraphed. Can he just get some love already? I really think he doesn't deserve being left in the gutter like this.
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