Are we gonna get an Irelia rework anytime soon.?

This isnt really a rant or anything moreover a question/discussion. I truly feel that Irelia isnt the most balanced of champs but she isnt really like the cot abusers level bad atm.( actually no where near beeing strong or anythign tbh) In my eyes the main problem with Irelia is her E. By no means you should be punished because you outperform your enemy. What do i mean by outperforming? i mean winning trades. Her stun is disgusting always has been and i don't know why its not reworked into something else already SPECIALLY how she can walk up and stun you from full health. With Irelia always 2 things happen. You win trade aka she stuns you more aka you die. You lose trade aka you are forced to give up on lane or you get dove and killed i dont think that's the funniest of outcomes? ofc you can always rush a pure tank armor item 1st to deny her but you simply wont ever kill her unless you are Darius which means she gonna free farm and 100-0 someone in your team. Personally i dont really know what to give to Irelia if you remove her stun so maybe if you got some ideas lets discuss em below. I dont mind Irelia but from a balance standpoint she is toxic as a champ and i hate how her overall kit works.
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