If void staff is going to have 40% magic pen, then achieving 150+ MR needs to be possible w/ 2 items

I don’t know why we pretend that MR is in an acceptable state when: Void gives 40% armor pen Flat pen is incredibly easy to acquire between sorcs/morellos (which negates half of a big ticket MR Item by itself) The copious amounts of ambient magic damage in champions passives, item actives, item passives, etc that make it incredibly easy to stack AD teams because getting magic damage from alternative sources isn’t that difficult. As such, you still can’t reallt buy MR because you need armor, but they do enough magic damage to justify at least one MR item - but the MR item is trash. Most of the %hp damage that exists in this game comes in the form of magic damage The fact that I can invest in one MR item + mercs and still barely eclipse 100-120 MR (depending on runes) is actually laughable. Cooldowns are so low now since riot basically hands out 40% CDR for free that even conventional methods (stacking HP to avoid burst) don’t work anymore because burst rotations are up so quickly again that even burst champions are practically DPSing. Couple this with the fact that AD/crit is still the best tank killing damage stat in the game, and your realize as a front liner that you can’t justify building more than one MR item + mercs because you’ll melt to the ADC, even if they’re not fed. I’m fine with void giving 40% pen, but MR needs to not be garbage.
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