Ugh cass

First game with her with the new update and its horrible. The q is no longer auto cast making it annoying to cast unless you have smart cast on, her w does almost to not damage and the hud is wrong, so its really hard to use it right, and dont even get me started on her e, almost no damage till she is in way late game and the heal just does not exist. Riot, guys cass needs damage she doesn't need to heal the heal does nothing for her at all, she needs damage if she messes up a spell, she messed up and dies, but now with her update even if she hits all her stuff she does no damage. Its almost as bad as the karma update, but atleast karma can do a bit of damage. Maybe I played her wrong, but I dont know she seems really underwhelming. Stop remaking and tweaking under played champs if they are not broken, only to make them worse and kinda useless.
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