We want marksmen to be the go to class for taking down those burly front liners

--- ok so they should be great against burly heroes-- i'm assuming they are weak to squisher damage dealers, divers, and skirmishers right? No. --- what wait, why? Because they can't do anything to the burly guys if they are dead. --- so you want a champion with an inherent advantage in the laning phase by justice of being ranged / being able to farm safely even when pushed in and being able to harass other champions under tower-- AND they should be great against the burly heroes who often have a weak early laning phase and get bullied by said range, AND they should be able to 1v1 any other class? WHAT? Hold on there, we didn't say they could 1v1 any other class, we just said they aren't weak to other classes --- Explain. We want marksmen to beat burly dudes, and we will give them the tools to do that. If marksmen get blown up in team fights before they can pump out any damage, they feel useless-- so we are going to make them EFFECTIVELY immune to most divers and assassins in the context of a large team fights. --- How do you intend to do that without making everything else feel like garbage? We noticed that supports are much better when paired with a marksman than with a melee damage dealer or tank, so we are going to double down on that and make sure that supports will be able to peel anything off of their adc, even classes that are meant to counter the adc. --- So you are saying that support + adc has no counter. Umm. Well uh... you can gank bot lane before they become a problem and win games that way. --- Thats fucking boring. The game shouldn't be decided based on who ganks bot lane the most. Yeah but how are marksmen supposed to actually play the game if they just die before they can do anything in a team fight? --- How is anyone else? Hell, most skirmishers can't even team fight at all because of the marksmen + support combo, and yet they still win by split pushing. You are essentially saying the agency and fun of the marksmen + support lane trumps everything else. We don't think it trumps everything else, but we don't want marksmen to be exposed to their weakness of being bursted too often because they just die immediately, and wouldn't be able to play. --- Maybe you should bring up their durability and bring down their ridiculous damage. They wouldn't be as fun to play. --- Yeah, and the way it is now, they aren't fun to play against. Like I said, you are valuing their fun above anyone else's. We think everyone can have fun playing around the marksmen though. Different classes can protect and aid them in different ways. --- Might as well call it league of marksmen. Not everyone wants to play bot lane. Not everyone wants to play "bigger" bot lane after the laning phase ends. We believe in the formula of having people work together around one or two valuable team members. It creates a dynamic. --- In other words you can't figure out a formula for giving everyone equal agency without involving the marksmen because the marksmen steals agency from allies and enemies. Kind of yeah, the marksmen does free damage to anything in range by auto attacking, so naturally they zone out a lot of other champions and put a kind of time limit on team fights. We do think they take a bit of agency from the enemy team, probably more than average, but they don't necessarily take agency from their allies-- because their allies can protect them. --- Has it ever occurred to you that perhaps people would have more fun protecting eachother at will and having the option to engage their target of choice without the polarizing effect of a marksman making the whole world revolve around them? Yeah but how could you achieve balance that way? --- By doing your job.
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