Sometimes, I wonder why Rioters no longer respond to us, but the answer has become more apparent.

It's really not that they stopped caring (Maybe partially) But it's because boards collectively witch hunt what isnt in their favor. I've been active on boards for about 2-3 years now. And generally speaking, there's a lot of bias. You get people ignoring statistics because they're biased for their main (I actually recently made a post to see how biased boards would get with someone who is doing really good right now and is stat check) It's ridiculous like it really is no wonder why they stopped giving a fuck about boards when half the time we dont even look at stats. Also final note, Most of my posts get derailed because "haha egirl" Legit I have had discussions derailed by them "screenshotting my pool of champions" Like oh it mUST be because she's an egirl and she knows nothing!!!!! No it's because none of the male champions entice me to play them past lv 4 aside from teemo and veigar Fuck these boards sometimes honestly.
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