Bot lane is literally a bullet hell shooter

I'm not gonna say that the state of this lane is as bad as top but this lane is truly in a bad state. Every single game people are picking mages throwing spells that chunk huge amounts of hp. Not only are you expected to farm, but you have to dodge mindless poking abilities that are actually hard to miss such as lux E, and snare which cost little to no mana. (Iv'e been playing lux support after going countless lanes against her). Vel koz and Xerath spam lasers across the lane, and brands massive aoe damage and stun abilities. Lets not forget the fiddle crow that he puts on the minions wave which hits everyone near the minions taking a huge chunck of hp and barely any mana costs. These mages need to be nerfed as in increase thier mana costs because thats the reason they are going bot lane so easily, nerf their damage, or the 3rd option which I like the most buff traditional supports that don't poke but provide hard cc or sheild like alistar, Leona, Thresh, blitzcrank, and janna etc so that the lane is not in a constant bullet hell where one lane or sometimes both need to back in the first 5 minutes because a person clicked a spell in a general direction and you lost half your health. {{champion:99}} {{champion:63}} {{champion:101}} {{champion:161}} {{champion:45}} {{champion:350}} {{champion:143}}
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