A Needed Change to Eternals

First things first: I know Eternals are a bit controversial. This thread isn't about pricing, availability, or even the specific Eternals, so I'd appreciate it if we kept the comments free of that -- there are a number of other threads where you can discuss that stuff. This is specifically about the design of the Personal Bests / in-game displays, and why it needs adjustment. ---------------------------------------- Imagine you're playing **Nasus**. The game goes on past 50 minutes, and you end up with upwards of 1200 bonus damage on your Q. Cool! A personal best! You get a pop-up. And you *never see one again*, because now you have to break 1200 stacks. Given that the pop-ups are part of the feeling of accomplishment, this sucks. ---------------------------------------- There two easy solutions here, which can be used separately or combined together: 1. Make personal bests tied to game time (and still show a "highest ever"). 2. Include breakpoint highlights. In the first, the game is divided into sections between 2 and 5 minutes long. When you beat a personal best during one of those sections (based on total elapsed game time -- so personal best for 0-5 minutes, personal best for 0-10 minutes, etc.), you're alerted (most Q stacks by 20 minutes! Most Feast stacks by 15 minutes!) In the second, the personal best is maintained, but you get a callout for beating either a set value (400+ Q stacks by 20 minutes!) or a personal average (say, beating the top 75% of your performance for that Eternal for that given time in the game). Of the two I favor the personal average, as it means that a player of any skill can slowly see themselves improving. What these suggestions do is ensure that the feel-good (and visually appreciable) part of the Eternal is *more commonly present* as a reward for doing well, and not skewed by games where you end up stomping or in an incredibly long grind. Please consider making this adjustment.
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