Riot, does the "Ready" button REALLY need to be so obnoxiously complicated???

IT'S A *_**_***ING READY BUTTON. Not the solution to world hunger. Why does it need to be so complicated that it will randomly freeze up the client and refuse to go away, forcing you to take a dodge penalty because there's nothing else you can do? Edit: My problem is when you click "Accept", it registers as you clicking "Accept", waits for everybody else to Accept, and then moves on to the champion select screen for 'everybody' except it doesn't for you because your client is stuck with the giant ass blue circle on your screen waiting for god-knows-what as everybody else is declaring their champion, banning, and picking. And then when it gets to your turn to pick, you can't do anything, because you're just sitting there looking at the giant blue circle with "Accept" on it and so you get booted and eat a dodge penalty as soon as the time for you to pick runs out. (Although I've also suffered the infamous "you clicked accept but we didn't like your click so we just pretended you didn't click accept" bug a few times in the past as well)
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