So. Major nerf to Aurelions early game why?

I realize he is a strong champ but really? You’re going to take 52 hp away from him? FIFTY at level one??? This makes no sense. For starters, he’s THE PREMIUM {{item:2033}} user. He’s been doing it way before this meta where everyone and their mother is taking it to abuse the regen. The nerfs are coming up and unlike most other mages he’s not going to be able to fall back onto {{item:1056}}. Do you really need to clap his early game even more? He’s supposed to be a strong laner. That’s his chance to get a head start on assassins so that later on he doesn’t get shit on. Not to mention for some reason ASol is getting targeted. I wouldn’t mind if you guys were also taking a look at other dominant champs right now. But you’re not even looking at Heimer, Talon, Malz, Ahri...
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