Since Nunu's W can actually give a super long knockup...

... that extends the longer they roll the snowball. **Can Tenacity finally be made to affect displacement now? ** You seem to be entirely okay with awkwardly lengthening the time of the knockup, so why was reducing its length with Tenacity such a big problem for you guys? Because if I recall correctly, and I think I do, you said that the only reason that displacements are not allowed to be interact-able with Tenacity was because that it looked 'weird' with shortened animation and that knockups are typically short in duration. So is Nunu's both super weird and long duration "slow motion" knockup not a problem against both statements you had made before, Riot? Hell, why can't the rolling snowball's CC be a stun? Because the "slow-motion" displacement just looks and plays like all kinds of wonkiness. Like why would you think slow motion knockup that locks the target in the air for ages and they sitting there feeling like the game is bugged, is such a great idea to begin with? I mean, what's the point of Tenacity when it would appear most of the game's currently CCs aren't even affected by Tenacity due to the clear over-presence of displacements? Do you really have to try THIS hard, to the point of blatantly going against your previous statements and making the effect look astonishingly awkward, and having this on a basic ability even, just so you can continue your spree of using increasingly contrived reason to not have CCs be interact-able with Tenacity? Might as well just remove Tenacity altogether, at least we won't have to deal with BS like long and slow-mo knockup. Ofc, I'm being sarcastic. I want Tenacity to stay, I also want it to actually matter, and I want Riot to stop fondling with displacements due to some undisclosed stigma that believe CC shouldn't be countered. ....... Disclaimer, I am NOT saying Nunu rework is OP or anything, not yet anyway. **But the knockup on W is all sorts of wrong. For the love of League gods, Riot, I do not think long and slow-mo knockup will EVER be a good idea.**
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