LOL is a hard game could anything be done to make it easier to learn

Hey RIOT would there be any chance to make in future changes some low elo help like: 1.) a way to learn champion counterplay, matchups and champion potential knowleadge available through the client Maybe also some game plans or missions to achieve best possible expected play of a champion or role played (example: push first wave hard then freeze; or try to farm from afar and try to get minions; or abuse early game preshure and try to get gold advantage because your team cant win tf if your team doesnt have 2500 gold lead...) It could be explained what to do after "laning phase" and when does that phase end is it at 14min or 20 min or 25 min or later. if grouping means going from 1 top, 1 jungle, 1 mid and 2 bot map distribution to 5 mid which champions are better for teamfight and which are better to splitpush in a formation [1 top +3 mid + 1 bot ] or is it better [1 top or bot + 4 mid] which champion make good combo on botlane which champion should be safepicked top/mid if you pick first and on the other hand the counter matchup if you pick after your opponent which teams can benefit from an early preshure jungler [xin zhao] and which shoud take a lategame scaling champion [karthus] i know this change wouldnt affect proplay since all alredy know what to do but it would greatly help low ELO to learn faster without trying to play all the dead ends It seems to me everione on the web knows everything how to counterplay any champion but only through 3rd party software or webpage statistics services or youtube videos 2.) an in game team gold difference score it is realy important to know if our team has the upper hand or not if we should risk an aggressive tf or make the enemy siege as hard as possible i think a few patches ago you could tell the strenght of the enemy team just by looking who is fed and who is not but now with all the bounties going up and down it is hard to know who has how much gold and how big of a threat who is 3.) Game pause option + client ping test we have all seen how in pro play matches are interrupted just so that one player can adjust his keyboard settings or other reason so this option is available but not given to the public but many times there comes a player who must go answer his door or he is holding to go to the bathroom in this unexpectedly 50+ minute games and people simply loose focus and just break to make a crucial mistake that costs the game people go afk to restart computer or reboot internet acces point because they notice alredy in the first minutes they have 800+ ping thus theese people go and waste 5 to 10 min to solve a problem but at that point the game is wasted and unfair for teammates that have no way of carriying nor can they remake maybe a DRAW agreement between teams because someone trolls or is afk ( i think people would gladly agree draw on an unsportsmanlike game to report a player and play a fresh game) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- please take a look if anything could be done to implement these user friendly user interface changes tell me your oppinion on theese matters
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