Huge problems I'm noticing more in low elo

And it's making people lose lane like... in champ select. If you know what your opponent is picking into your position, and you have COUNTERPICK, you need to utilize that somehow. I'm seeing a pretty overwhelming amount of people counterpick themselves and then complain for 15 min that they're having a bad time. And it's fine if you understand you're going into a bad matchup and maybe you plan to itemize properly to get through it, but people aren't even doing that. It's confusing. On top of just counterpicking yourself and not itemizing well, there's also just... not playing or positioning properly. If you see a clear bot lane and jungle locked in, and the enemy locks in what is very clearly going to be a Teemo Top then, you shouldn't go into it as someone who is entirely auto attack reliant. If you do, you need to build some MR (negatron into wits end, hexdrinker, cowl, SOMETHING) to allow you to survive that lane. Maybe swap to Oracle for the rest of lane to deal with shrooms, or regularly buy control wards. If the enemy locks in what's clearly going to be Nasus Top, invest in proper items to fight him. If you're a Garen don't just follow your recommended items and go like cleaver, sunfire, idk what all it really has in there, but - whatever you're playing, you'll need an Executioner's or a Bramblevest, likely, to deal with his healing. That alone is a massive step in dealing with him. If the enemy locks in a heavy CC double-mage botlane, like Lux-Morgana, you should never be stepping up if you don't have some sort of vision and/or minions to protect you. You're gonna get double rooted for like five secs and hit by two massive aoe abilities and you're very likely to die for playing up, when you can just sit back and farm till you have the capability of roaming, getting a gank, or just fighting back in general. I know I'm not the best at the game and a lot of the time I make really bad mistakes as well, it's why I'm a low elo player myself. That said, proper itemization can really help get through a ton of bad matchups. Tank into a fighter? Tabis/Bramble rush helps a ton. Fighter into mage? Hexdrinker early, or if you're one of the ones who likes it try and itemize into wits end or something. Proper runes also go a long way - don't take double armor against a mage, for example. Try and learn what things work for your lane and on the champ you're playing. Getting that first big item is going to be a lot more difficult if you can't even survive the lane. So, while you may technically be delaying that first big powerspike by rushing something like tabis or bramble or executioners, at least youre going to be able to survive fights more readily and actually reach the powerspike before your opponent gets fed and runs you over. If anyone has better tips, please throw them below. Not just for others, but for myself as well - tons of things can be helpful.
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