An important message for Riot games.

Riot, I dare you to watch my last game replay before you, along with your truly noble and unskilled players, based on unskilled gameplay and mentality reports, you, decided to give me an account suspension for 14 days. You have nothing to tell me about the toxicity during the games, while players like my Fiora, Teemo, Pyke, Fizz, and Caitlyn are still lurking around in divisions they don't really belong. So I start wondering myself why you don't invest money into getting rid of boosters and stuff like that, and focus all your money into real people that can view and inspect the replays and reports themselves and actually decide if a penalty should be given? Put yourself in my game, after being demoted and promoted more than 5 times from silver 3 to silver 2 and so on, just based on other players bad playstyles, warding, positioning and so on, before actually focusing on the chat section and deciding to ban one or another player because of that. Remember, you are a game company, and players play your game. this is not a chat room or anything like that and it's a game beforehand and it should be a game. So, why are you so aimed... excuse me, why is your report and feedback system bot so aimed at the chat section and the way people speak in their games? What kind of focused vocabulary did you implement to that guy and is it really looking for plausible gameplay methods to apply restrictions and penalties? I can't wait to see and read your wonderful staff replay based on what I tell you 'till now and just punch my face with other excuses and really unproductive things. I really wait for that time when I will see that you truly help players from LOW DIVISIONS* to really move on in the division where they belong (higher or lower). I can't tell you how disappointed I am in the game at this point. And I am highly sure that it's not like somebody said, that 70% or more players are happy with the game overall. So look, this is my 7th account that got restricted/banned/ penalized, only for "verbal abuse" or something like that, and nothing EVER, for the way I played or for my positioning, vision, team play, afking or anything like that. I am not lying about anything, I wanna be as straightforward as possible. You DO NOT want to make a change in the feedback system because you care more about the time that you have to invest in developing new skins and putting down changes in patches that players kind of never ask for, let's be honest now. Now that doesn't make the game any better, it just makes your image worse, in every scenario, but you just try to sugar coat things up selling us dandy candy. Back to my 14-day suspension, I really don't think it was necessary, like every time you did ban my accounts, cause again, this is a strategy MOBA game AND NOT a chat interactive mini-game. Please review what I've said. If you want to ban me, then just ban me for the way I play man if you ever have to... but that's not possible because it's my 7th account and players could have some mental issues if he cannot improve himself and gain some better skills after so many accounts and so much time. Never saw you do a playstyle ban on my account, just "verbal" penalization ones.
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