Since Cassiopeia is going to be the first to get the "Grounded" debuff...

Who else is planned to get said debuff? Also, who do you think SHOULD get the new "Grounded" crowd control? Here are a few I can think of who could use it: {{champion:27}} - Add it to Mega Adhesive to give him some neat utility. {{champion:91}} - Because "CutAnkles" isn't nearly good enough. {{champion:134}} - Add it to her W when she maxes it out. Gives her some real nasty surprises. {{champion:34}} - Honestly, her crowd controls are outdated. Add this to her ultimate while removing its AS slow. {{champion:45}} - Once his Event Horizon finishes forming, it should do this to people inside of it. There, now it's REALLY useful. Nerf the cooldown if needed. {{champion:75}} - This could work IF he has a target Withered while they are inside Spirit Fire. This would require him to commit 2 skills, a lot of mana, and plenty of CD, all just to keep his enemy from Flashing out. {{champion:86}} - Replacing his Silence with Grounded would make him a lot healthier as a juggernaut by allowing his enemies to actually fight back. Presently, all you can do after he silences you is panic while he spins-to-win.
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