Planetary legends discussion

First I want to say I love the idea of having skins as a reward, especially since Odyssey ziggs will go into legacy vault after the event. To have a skin you can use to show off your status as a high level player who actually managed to beat onslaught is a lot cooler than an icon and it gives me (and I'm assuming others) motivation to really go at it and try to master a new game mode, and I hope this is something riot will do again. That maybe once or twice a year we get a big event like this that has a legacy skin as a reward to really show off our dedication to the game to achieve that high skill point as beating onslaught. Also, I have seen a lot of posts about the mission and if the basic Augment you start with counts as one of augments for the mission, I have yet to see an answer to this. Lastly I've been keeping my eye out for any information or tips for beating onslaught and I have yet to see some. So what better place to look for that kind of help than the boards!
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