How are the forced-feeling wins and forced-feeling losses supposed to make the game better?

(I know "forced-feeling" will all but invalidate the point I'm trying to joust across to Riot, but if I say "forced" then there're going to be people who adamantly deny and defend Riot like this hasn't been a consistent issue and not one relegated to 0.0001% of people.) I don't know about you, but when I get chains of garbage ADCs and junglers all in a row at once, consistently, I start to question Riot and the choices they make. If the matchmaking does function like we're starting to think it does, I have to ask "Why?" Here's the funny thing about losing because your ADC facechecks vs. Blitzcrank, or because your ADC starts to flame the entire team: it's not fun, and it makes me not want to play. Not just me, a *lot* of other people. It's frustrating, because you can't do anything about it (especially as a support); It's tedious and boring, because you need to go through the motions of playing through the hopeless or much-more-difficult-than-it-should-be match. I don't know, and maybe something about this general day and age has flipped this sort of ideology on it's head, but I don't buy skins or champions in games I don't enjoy. Why would I? I'm not getting the adrenaline flowing, and I'm not enjoying their thematic design or any of their flashy effects because I'm too busy thinking to myself "Hmm, yeah... I hope next game will be better, but I'm sure it won't." The feeling of apathy and spite will eventually outweigh any desire to play the game and/or support you, Riot. ...but fine. It's not for monetary reason alone, lets say... ...but then how does it feed the addiction? Your gameplay itself is addicting. Your matchmaking, not so much. I think you've got the two confused, Riot. You might just find that if you adjust the way MMR works so that it's _actually_ "what you see is what you get" (and not matching me and my team against all silvers n' shit) you won't end up losing players! It might even do a bit to aid your trembling E-Sport scehe, to have some fresh blood in a game where the same old players have been playing and burning out on it. Strange, right? Almost like all E-Sport titles are based upon real sports of some kind, where constant new competition is what keeps people up n' watching -- "How will they deal with this new, clever team that they've never seen before?" EDIT: I am a Support OTP. I don't think I'd need to point this out, but I guess I do. Supports do not CS and mainly protect the ADC and other carries on-team from the enemy team. I am not a Mid player. I am not a Top player. I am purely, 100% a Support OTP. Got it?
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