Akali Future Ideas

At this point I think that the Akali nerfs are going to go through and there is going to be a bit of a rough period for my favorite assassin. While I hope Riot have their own plans for what to do with her, I just wanted to flex my own game design muscles and think about what I would do with the rouge assassin. What follows are just my ideas I want to throw into the void. The first thing is to decide if Akali is going to be an assassin like Talon, LeBlanc, Zed, or Kat; or should she be a skirmisher like Fiora, Jax, Riven, or Yasuo. Assassins usually have high mobility, quick burst, and good pic power while skirmishers have slower burst, defensive/survivability, and sustained damage. Akali in her current state is somewhere in the middle. She has high mobility with her Shuriken Flip and Perfect Execution but a strong defensive tool with her Shroud. She has a lot of quick damage that she can deal with her Five Point Strike but the full burst is slowed down by her Assassin's Mark circle. The way i see it, if they want to get Akali in like with the other champions one of these two paths need to be chosen and her kit adjusted to reflect that decision. If Akali is to keep her current designation as an assassin, then her time to kill needs to drop. Shrinking her passive circle would make her base damage combo much quicker without actually changing any numbers. It should still be large enough that you need to move out if you are in melee range or just used her E to engage but that would help a lot for her long time to kill. Another tool that could help her would be giving her tools so her engages are less telegraphed. Ekko, Kassadin, Katarina, Shaco, and Zed have blinks. Kayn and Talon can ignore walls. Kah'Zix, Evelynn, and Pyke can go invisible/camouflaged anywhere. Akali can do the latter two although her shroud only gives her invisibility in a small select area and her engage over walls is telegraphed by her shuriken and you know that she'll be coming from that direction and can plan accordingly. I would say to give her a longer time to engage off of her shuriken to make her engage a bit less predictable. Still foreseen but less predictable. I feel like these changes would bring her more inline with other assassins. There would probably have to be some number adjustments along with these ideas but that would be a factor with any major change to a champion. On the slightly crazier side, making Akali a skirmisher would mean giving her a few more tools to survive potentially a few more toys to play with a the cost of some of her early game burst. I have seen the idea floated around the boards of giving Akali her heal back as a part of her passive. I though why stop with just a heal. I think it would be interesting if Akali's passive circle granted different effects for her based on the ability that triggers it. Currently her passive grants bonus range and damage to her next auto attack and she gets bonus energy from the attack. What if when she triggered it off of her Q she also got a small heal along side those bonuses; if she triggers it off of her E she gets a movement speed boost; or if she triggers it off of her ult it deals more bonus damage (maybe true damage idk). This would give her more survivability options as well as interesting choices of when you keep the kama swinging or just use it. Some of these ideas may be dumb or infeasible but I would personally rather look ahead to what she could be after all of this is over rather than complain more about how "riot is killing this champion." Let me know what you guys think. I would love to hear if I am completely misunderstanding the champion and/or barking up the wrong tree with these ideas.
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