Good Job Riot, So You Want to Finally do Item Changes? Awesome......Lets Talk.

Now that you actually want to fix up the item shop and (hopefully) make impactful choices that gives the game strategy again..... I'm ready to give you my two cents. *** So based on your criteria, items should be: #1. Based on the enemy team and your champions strengths. #2. Shouldn't have a very low build/usage rate. #3. Should feel unique in stats and effects. #4. Not remove your counter-play completely. so now with this said, lets get into the items with both my opinions in how these points can be achieved and my interpretation of actual items. *** #ITEM ACTIVES I believe that some items classes should have more impactful play-making actives. Take tank class items for example, out of all the items only six have actives, three of which are support items{{item:3050}} ,{{item:3118}} , and {{item:3190}} . Most of the time tanks are the play-makers and savers with CC and sustain so why aren't items giving them the items to excel even further at this. {{item:3083}} could be given more HEALTH and HP REGEN, while now granting you a team fighting active that siphons health from you and based on what's siphoned gives that much to nearby allies as bonus HEALTH for Xs. And keep the stat prereq for 3000 HEALTH so you need to build for this item. or {{item:3193}} could remove the increasing health and reducing damage active with an increase champion size(based off of HEALTH) and instantly remove all CC from you and allies around, while making you immune to CC for Xs. Also have the stat increase based on how many ALLIES are nearby not ENEMIES, makes little sense for your defenses to be decided by your enemy. #In general item actives should be tools that supplement and enhance what a class excels at and there should be much more than there is currently in the game. Also RIOT remember to make these actives FUN and INTERACTIVE, like your criteria above. *** #UNIQUE STATS This may be a quick section, but lets see. So in my opinion an Item shouldn't be given every GOD-DAMN stat in the game, this removes everything about strategy. Example, "wow....hmmmm should I go full CD so I can spell-sling or should I just go full AD to, hard choice, hard choice", this mentality just doesn't even exist right now cause lots of items have many stats just tied to them. Stat choices should be based on a mix of your champs strengths, the opponent you are facing, and the way you want to play the game. For example, {{item:3147}} has a a lot of AD and a lot of Lethality, plus it has utility with 10% CDR. It should be concentrating on one thing which is damage and which type, whether a lot of lethality and a little AD or the other way around. or A better example would be, {{item:3157}} having a lot of AP, a lot of ARMOR, and the utility with the 10% CDR and one of the most useful actives of the game. So you have an item that has top offense, top defense, and top utility when it should only focus a lot in one of those categories not all of them, then you can have a small splash in the other stuff. #Basically items should follow a method of offense, defense, and utility and only having a heavy focus in one category at a time. Stop giving every item every stat, it stuns build diversity by inciting you to buy only one item ..... over and over again. *** #RANGE EXCLUSIVITY Ok....DONT BE AFRAID TO MAKE ITEMS RANGE EXCLUSIVE OR HAVE THEIR EFFECTS DIFFER BASED ON ATTACK RANGE....honestly RIOT some items are made for a specific range for a reason and their effects reflect that. Why isnt {{item:3025}} a MELEE ONLY item, is it because Ezreal builds it the most, an ADC building a tank item, sounds like poor design there. Items made to be used by a specific range should reflect that whether it be reductions in effects or making them usable only by a certain attack range. There are some items like this, being {{item:3085}} , {{item:3230}} , and {{item:3748}}, but there should be way more. Like you can do better with {{item:3071}} for example, reduce its HEALTH and AD, but increase it armor shred by quite a bit and have this value higher for MELEE vs RANGED Champs. (**another thing is riot should merge armor reduction and armor penetration into one thing, same thing for magic**). #Make more items ranged exclusive and/or make their effects have more of a split between ranged vs melee. This would most likely make balancing items easier too. *** #I really hope that RIOT gives us a lot of good item changes in the coming year, this game really needs them and I criticize the game cause I do love this game, but its in need of a lot of help from creative open minds. Riot plsssss ...... less new champs, reworks, and skins, and more focus on the actual game itself. I really want to play this game with a smile on my face again, make it happen. Thank you all for reading.
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