Allowing Third Party applications for Replays (Terms Of Use rework/Feature Request)

As my second ban for using the ever so popular Third Party tool "MK LOL" comes to a close, I felt I should speak about the whole Terms Of Use and talk about what Riot deems as an unapproved tool and what things should be deemed acceptable. My reason for using this tool is for replays. I like my replays, I use them for review and catching others actively playing with an advantage (I've found a few but that's not the point) but due to the tool allowing things that would otherwise give a slight edge over other players, it will still be labeled as an unapproved tool, subject to punishment. To start out, let's all take a look at what the Terms Of Use dictate as a Third Party tool. From Article V section J _**J. Using any unauthorized third party programs, including but not limited to "mods," "hacks," "cheats," "scripts," "bots," "trainers," and automation programs, that interact with the Software in any way, for any purpose, including, without limitation, any unauthorized third party programs that intercept, emulate, or redirect any communication between the Software and Riot Games and any unauthorized third party programs that collect information about the Game by reading areas of memory used by the Software to store information;**_ Okay so in simpler terms, what this states is any unapproved Third Party Application that interacts with the LoL Client/Patcher/Data (like in the end screen) in any way shape or form is subject to punishment. Pretty straight-forward rules outlining what you can and cannot do (a lot of software has this stuff, read those agreements). So when taking into this very broad guideline you can argue recording via Fraps, OBS (you can do this), Shadowplay, etc would all infringe upon this, or at least that's the expected thought. These applications are acceptable as they do not alter the game in some capacity to record footage an offer no other features other than recording. What is key in this is the "unapproved" applications. So what is deemed as unapproved? Well there's a thread specifically related to this (of which I myself have posted in it). From the thread outlining what is considered "unapproved". _**It’s been said before, but we absolutely don’t like applications that provide measurable player advantage. If there were ever any modification that were to become so standard as to be required for competitive play, the integrity of our environment just wouldn’t be viable. You shouldn’t ever have to go digging for add-ons just to stay competitive. Some examples of measurable player advantage include:**_ _*** Exposing information that’s intentionally obfuscated (cooldowns or timers)** *** Taking actions on your behalf (botting or scripting)** *** Drawing conclusions for you (predicting enemy positions)** *** Otherwise altering your field of intelligence (zoomhacks or global ult alerts)**_ Alright, so that's a fair explanation on what can be considered an unapproved tool to gain an edge over other players. So because there's options to use things like timers, various hacks to increase field of view (removing fog for example) these tools would be written off on the spot. Now let's take a look at what MK LoL has that does infringe on the guidelines. 1. Logs win/loss percentage 2. Client Sided Cosmetics (player and wards) 3. Jungle Timer 4. Quick Message system (a type of scripting) 5. Screenshots (grey area as far as one can deduce as you can screenshot at any time in borderless windowed mode) 6. Replays (the main focus for my usage) (There are more features but they're smaller.) So from these 6 main features there are 4 of them that infringe on the Third Party Application clause. Even if your sole reason of using it is for Replays and Screenshots, because it allows those 4 other options, it's deemed an unapproved application (even one of these could deem it unapproved). So to recap - the tool has 2 features that are perfectly fine, but 4 that are not. the guidelines state this would not be permitted So you would normally think "Oh let me just disable the 4 features that cause issues." well it doesn't work like that as you're still using an application that is not approved and there is programming made to detect these things being even open. So here's the main thing I want to look into. Replays. As the ToU dictates, any form of interacting with the LoL Client/Patcher/Data is subject to punishment, but once explained by Riot staffing what is considered unapproved, the Replay function MK LOL offers is not a destructive thing, nor does it give players an edge once in-game, but it does handle data from LoL and creates a spectator match of whatever you played in the previous match. Now, while it does interact with the software, it does so in a way that's letting players view a spectator match (other recording tools only show what the player has seen). After discussing with the support team I was given this reply (after a few back and forth messages). _**We understand there is some cosmetic only aspects or non game play modification, but there are some other aspects that have been found that change game play in an unfair way. Since there are some unfair aspects in the program, we aren't allowing it in League anymore. We appreciate the feedback and it is always nice to hear about some ideas to change our policies. I would strongly encourage you to post any ideas you have to the boards. We pay close attention to our community and try to implement what they want.**_ And now we're here. Ultimately, while the ToU is clear on what is and is not allowed, but specifics as to what applications can cause punishment, I do feel it is needed to have the Terms Of Use reworked to be more specific so there is no discrepancies related to it. Furthermore, while MK LOL does support replays, as well as LOLReplay (never works anyway), there should be a push to allow players to have replays should they decide they want them for later viewings (or if they wish to review if they wish to report other players for various reasons like I myself do). This can also allow people to help look more in depth into bug related information as you can pinpoint more clearly what happened prior to the bug (there was an Azir bug that was not fixed, as the staff decided to pass me a warning for using MK LOL instead of fixing the bug which even cause client crashes). In short (tl;dr) 1. The Terms Of Use need to be reworked to be clearer regarding what are and are not approved applications (make a list of names for example) 2. The ability for replays for players should be an optional feature should the player decide they want it (maybe at the end of a game have a button to say "save replay" and view for later usage _**and potentially a system to pinpoint in replays where users can identify unfair play with markers during the replay**_) 3. Have Riot approve a Third Party application solely made for replays and screenshots if options 1 and 2 are not able to be done I'm sure many of you may not see the point of having such replays but take my word for it, once you use them you'll see just why they can be of use. -Pixelbuttz
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