Champions that can troll your own team

Just for fun, my friends and I played co-op intermediate and trolled the entire game until the other person decided to destroy nexus by himself. I was Orianna, my friend was Gnar, other friend was Bard, my brother was Tahm Kench, and Bard and Tahm nailed at trolling. For Tahm, he came mid with me, ate me, and threw me inside the turret, and later when we had team fight, he left me(low health) behind and ate Gnar instead(full health) so I can die. For Bard, he ulted at me to stop recalling, and let enemies escape by ulting at us. It was so fun, and I want to join them also with good trolling champion:) I researched a bit, and found out Anivia and Jarvan IV are good ally-trolling-champs with their walls. Can any one of you give me list of champions that can troll allies well? And I'm not looking for Teemo or Singed that trolls the enemies XD
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