@Riot Games, Are There Any Plans for the Champions That Come off as Annoying?

League's community is pretty diverse, so we all get annoyed by different champions. But right now I'm talking about _those_ champions, the ones that appear to be pretty well hated, or just have a bad reputation. Annoying champions like {{champion:157}} or {{champion:64}}, well, annoying some parts of the community at least. I was wondering if Riot had anything planned to make these champions less annoying. Like hell, they may not really need nerfs but just power shifting, annoying =/= OP (Well, I can't say that about Lee Sin) And another thought I sorta had was that the annoying champions tend to be those champions that are loved for their time in pro play. Look me straight in the eye and tell me Riot doesn't love Lee Sin. I don't know if they're annoying because Riot tends to ignore them so they stay prominent in pro play, or if they're annoying just because that kind of flashy gameplay isn't fun to fight. But I didn't make this post to rant, I just wanted to ask Riot about their plans for champions that people perceive as obnoxious. I understand priorities and stuff like that, sometimes there are things more powerful than Yasuo running around your minion wave or Lee getting free invades. (You can just smell my Lee hate, can't you?) I was just curious to see what plans might be there.
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