Is it possible to make a tank item with the catalyst of aeons passive for non magic damage tanks?

{{item:3010}} the passive gives you Mana for taking damage and heals you for spending Mana on spells. Only {{item:3001}} and {{item:3027}} build from it on summoners rift I think. I remember righteous glory used to have the passive and build from catalyst but it got changed. I'm wondering if it would be possible to give the passive of catalyst to a new tank item for tanks/bruisers who aren't primarily magic damage dealers? Maybe give it to righteous glory again if possible? The reason I'm asking about this is for champs who run out of mana easily but can't really buy those items for the catalyst passive as they aren't effective on them for most scenarios. Example being if I'm playing a tanky champion who has mana issues but doesn't deal much or any magic damage nor does my team have a lot of magic damage to justify buying abyssal for the aura. Yes, the item passive is niche but it's still quite a useful niche to be able to fill. I used to buy righteous when it had the catalyst passive because I like gaining mana when being in the thick of a fight, especially if fights take a while to end or I run out of mana(oom) quickly. While you can say to just buy other mana items or to be better at managing my Mana, those aren't always possible in every scenario. Some tanky champions can still run oom quickly whether they buy mana items or not because of many possible reasons. Low cooldowns, high mana costs, or sometimes a combination of both. Thank you for taking the time to read my post. I feel like I need to explain everything I write.
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