I Actually Kinda Like This Preseason

Just... Exactly what it says. I like that bonus damage/hp/whatever isn't linked to your secondary rune tree anymore. I like the turret plating, and the reward mechanic it offers. I like that Celerity is more of a niche rune, instead of a must take if you spec into sorcery. I especially like that you can see bounties on the tab screen now. True there's some problems, but I do expect the most glaring one to be fixed in a short time. That being the new Dark Harvest and how absurdly overtuned it is. I'd like to see turrets maybe gain a little bit more power too, but I don't really expect that to happen. Overall I do still like the changes, and plus there's some upcoming changes to the ranked system I'm actually really excited about. (The positional matchmaking looks great.)
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