A post against the removal of Rageblade because of Vayne

I see a lot of people saying that it's time to just remove Rageblade because of the interaction with Vayne's silver bolts, however if Riot does this without any compensation buffs to Varus or Kog it'll just kill them. I can only speak as someone who plays Kog'Maw but if Kog wasn't allowed to build rageblade that would just kill him. Basically what I'm saying is that the problem isn't Rageblade, its Vayne's silver bolts interacting with Rageblade. If Riot were to just disable Silver bolts interacting with rageblade much like they did with silver bolts and runnans then it would solve the issue without hitting kog and varus. Not every champ that builds rageblade is super oppressive, Kog and Varus rn are bottom tier adcs and they have rageblade as their core item.
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