So riot will nerf supports and junglers first but not adcs ?

This is really sad. Going around the problem, not straight to it. Everyone gonna get nerfed, but hey don't nerf adcs. The main cause of this problem. Jungler camping bot cuz adc dmg is insane, supps protecting adcs cuz adc dmg is insane = nerf junglers and supps. hmmmmmm. Nerfing them won't make me not take 600 dmg per crit. Even when they nerf them somewhat, they get buffed immediately next patch or compensation buff in the same patch. Like holy shit. Imagine some other role having a 30% pick rate champ with over 50% win rate. Would get gutted. But nahh, adcs gotta get that immediate compensation. God forbid tristana doesn't get in every game.
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