So I've tried it the mean way long ago. And since last season I've been trying it the nice way. How on Earth do I convince people that what I'm saying is true or logical? I just had a game where all 3 lanes were overextended multiple times with no wards and I've gotten a whole lot better at tracking the jungler. I'd say hey man no biggie you are a bit over extended, you might want to ward and rengar is in that area. I can't reach you in time. Please play safe. They then proceed to die and flame me for not coming to help them despite me not being close. I mean what can I do? I was nowhere near them. I'm trying to punish him by taking his farm. Or mid game they push down mid alone with no sight on anyone else. And die and bm me for not being with them despite them being by themselves. At what point do people start to appreciate and use the information you give them? And how else can I put it to people since the mean way got me banned long ago and the nice way hasn't worked for almost two seasons? Like what should I do? What can I do? I play Sejuani because I main and love her but I can't always solo carry with her. I set up my carries. But how can I if they have the grey screen from overextending everytime? I'm really confused on what I can do. I can't ward every lane. What do I do?
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