Simple changes to fix league.

**Enemy jungle camps give more exp and gold Friendly side jungle camps give okay exp and less gold** Easy change, also kind of gets rid of funneling from ever happening again. **Mage and Tank junglers still suck** Like you guys had to buff elise 10x to make her playable, what about Taliyah and the rest? Tanks? Zacs still a troll pick in my eyes btw. Maybe just give the tank jungler's a smite? Like a self healing smite when you hit enemies, reducing damage taken from them and nearby enemies. **Ignite and teleport differences in top lane** After we nerfed TP, camping top is literally a valid strategy. Oh, did we mention plate money? There are a few ways we can approach Teleport. 1: Teleport brings the champion back to the original spot after a certain time 2: Teleport is bound to one spot on the map forever. (ie top lane.. to let top laners scale?) 3: Teleport channel increase, uninterruptible unless killed. As for IGNITE.. I think slightly reducing the damage you deal, while the spell is on cooldown makes sense. It should be used as a finishing summoner spell to help snowball - not kill or force a recall (or allow for a favorable trade) **Tank runes suck, unless you are all-in** Aftershock - duration of resistances last longer, damage reduction reduced, removed damage dealt from aftershock How easy was that? Now only bruisers and tanks can use it, and not mages lol. Grasp - why does this deal damage? Just increase the heal.. Third tank rune (forgot the stupid name cause I never use it) - reduced cooldown based off damage taken.. please? SO supports can hit minions without DYING. **Tank items still suck** {{item:3512}} nerfed to the ground. Why not make it an item to defend towers with, rather than attack? Shields tower for % of your health, while spawning voidlings. MIND BLOWN. Now top laners can roam, with or without teleport, and not lose a tower lol. I think the base health regen of tanks across the board is an issue too, not just top - jungle but even supports. Can we target these guys for some more regen? Or just buff {{item:1006}} I actually like the idea of a triple bead start. (We can't buff anything else) **Buffing summoner spells while keeping them under control** Simple fixes Ghost - increased speed, half speed when in combat... Heal - speed granted based on missing health Barrier - reduced amount, longer duration (so you don't die from ignite..) Aery - 33% less damage from ranged champions (champions that transform automatically do 33% less damage regardless of form) Exhaust - increased range, grants vision of target (even stealthies) Flash - reduced cooldown, lower range **Magic items** This has been brought up many times.. NERF it.. raise the AP values.. give {{item:3151}} a buff without the double damage from slows.. easy fix. **ADC items** {{item:3094}} Static shiv SUCKS, but this item is abused. Remove {{item:3006}} (IE and Zerkers is too crazy)
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