How is it that every single game I've played on my offday, my team dies 10 times or more in < 10m?

I&#039;ve played about 10 games today and every single game I get people who cannot win their lane, and not only that.. they feed between 3-10 kills within the first 10-20 minutes. Where is the 50% medium here? Why am I constantly getting fucked with the worst players plat has to offer? I really don&#039;t understand it. Is it because I&#039;m the only person with the new matchmaking system who is playing solo without Skype? I know I&#039;ll get some "salty" responses from people who are under the age of 15 who think that the 7 year old phrase is still hip and funny, kind of like &quot;yo momma&quot; jokes... but hell yeah I&#039;m salty. Why can&#039;t I get the people who can handle their lane for once?

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