PSA : If you're going to die, you might as well fight

My fellow low ELO shitters, there is no point trying to outrun an enemy who's not getting off your ass anytime soon. Your best option is to just turn around and fight, you'll at least have a chance to outplay instead of wasting time clicking to nowhere while your enemy wails away at you for free. Now I'm not saying that is always 100% what you should do. However in most cases, I'm pretty sure had you just stood your ground you'd have at least either took your enemy down with you or dropped them low enough for that ally who ended passing by 5 seconds later to finish them off. Seriously, it's low ELO, most people will go into panic if you decide to turn around fight them because it's pretty unexpected. I've done it and I'm a bronzie (former?)Liss top main. If garbage like me can do it, so can you. So please, the next time you find yourself caught out, take 1 second to evaluate the scenario as best you can and make this small step letting your memes become dreams. Do this now and you'll find you'll be able to rek all who stand in your way right in front of their salad(except Fiora, fuck that bitch)and finally attain that shiny bron-I mean gold. EDIT: This got out of hand by the end, I know.
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