To all of you s tuck in silver or bronze.

Want to climb out? Yes? okay good. Your first step is to stop crying about your team. Like seriously, stfu about trolls, afks, feeders, and what not because guess what? That isn't unique to your elo and frankly, that isn't why you're stuck there. A big part of becoming decent at the game is to have a change in mentality. So what you need to do is stop trash talking and blaming your team because you're also a huge part as to why you're losing down there. Most of the time when I look at your builds, they're rather... questionable... This is mainly true down in bronze 5 players. Stop thinking you're gods at the game because you're not, not even I am. Stop blaming it on luck. How do you think I or anyone else climbed out of bronze/ silver? You don't even need to be challenger to do it. Start looking at yourself instead of others. TL;DR: Git gud.
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