AP Items Request for Balance Thoughts

Hi all, We are really strapped for Playtesting resources at the moment. I'm looking for feedback (clips especially) for the following things (if people playing on PBE could grab them): * Liandry's Balance. * First item balance. * People who can waveclear with items where they couldn't before (especially Ludens), eg. Lux * General Mages vs Anybody balance. * Individual item balance (our thoughts are: Rylai/Liandrys > GLP > Ludens atm) * Ryze/Cassio/Anivia/other mana stacker balance. * First mini mana item balance in mid lane (Lost Chapter vs Dirk vs Revolver vs Catalyst) eg. Zed/Talon/Kat/Jayce/Yasuo, etc. General * Please accompany clips/screenshots with the scoreboard if possible. * Mathematic analysis is also appreciated. (eg. Spreadsheets of damage vs targets).
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