First Time Champ In Ranked

In all honesty, I'm fed up with this season. I'm fed up with people first timing these champs in ranked. I don't care if they do well or not it's ridiculous. Riot should be implementing a block on anyone trying to first-time champions in Ranked. I don't care if you're smurfing. That's the exception based on a single person, not a bunch of griefers I keep seeing. Everyone should have champions locked in ranked unless they reach a certain mastery with them. I'm tired of getting griefed with people who decide in Champ select "Oh we lose this I'm not dodging I'll just go Yasuo top I don't play him it won't affect me to have 0% w/r with him". Or the 1st time Pyke "Oh Pyke is OP he destroyed me the last 4 meetups so I'm going to play Pyke now cause I'm tilted and proceed to miss all my skill shots." Get on this. It needs to be implemented everyone should be going to Normals to first time champions NOT Ranked. It will result in less trolling and at least they can learn before affecting other players LP. Perhaps for the smurfs allow a bonus system where if you continuous win games such as after 3 wins in a row you begin to start getting Bonus Mastery points and resets once you lose.
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