In-depth stats

Rito! Please add more in-depth stats to our post game graphs!!! Allow players to break down how many times they used an ability or how much damage one does with each ability on champions during the full length of the game. The sky is the limit!! I thought of this during urf mode playing Nidalee I would LOVE to see how much Q dmg I did total all game and how many times i chucked a spear!!!! Or maybe how many times you flashed etc etc etc. In urf it will simply be needless information, but in ranked games that can add a whole new perspective for players to better understand how they do damage and with what spells. Hell why not add a graph that shows damage dealt by the 10 minute marks? This will show players when their preferred champ gets stronger or weaker, and will also show the player how bad their itemization actually is{{item:3070}} ....OR how good it is!! More information for us to break down so we don't have to find ways to do it ourselves that may not be very copacetic to Rito's end user agreement or third party program policies(hint hint recent lawsuit){{summoner:14}}
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