What on earth could POSSIBLY justify Mastery 7 costing 6.5x as much as before?

I got my tokens for Zyra, and was SO happy because it's taken me a while. However, when I slide into my Loot, I found out it's not 500-600 as it USED to be... #It's 3900BE!!! My friend says this is SUPPOSEDLY because we _apparently_ get more BE now... but I have to disagree. You've pretty much got a cap on your daily BE now.   #And even if we did... **we are not getting 6.5 times more than before by any measure!** That's pretty much a Teemo (1350BE) away from buying Zyra ALL OVER AGAIN (which is ironic because that's how I got my S+, thrashing a Teemo)! *Note: Mastery 6 isn't fairing much better, priced at 3250BE, I think.* **EDIT:** I've realized a flaw in my logic, refer to [this post](https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/gameplay-balance/EiAbAGUK-what-on-earth-could-possibly-justify-mastery-7-costing-65x-as-much-as-before?comment=000b00000001). Essentially, you didn't buy M6-M7 with IP, but with BE, which you got from disenchanting shards. I apologize for this mistake. However, I still maintain the price conversion was flawed and should be **wholly re-evaluated** based on the amount of time and frustration it takes rather than a direct numbers change like what happened in preseason.
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