Ok Riot WTF, when are you going to address this GAMEBREAKING BUG

Not even the patch notes address this, riot what are you doing. just TELL us your working on a fix or "you haven't pinpointed the problem yet" or SOMETHING and for those unfamiliar this bug #IT LITERALLY PREVENTS YOU FROM BUYING ITEMS https://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/bug-report/qyiosgtA-gamebreaking-bug-cant-buy-items THAT PRETTY FREAKING GAMEBREAKING!!! and yet we have no ranked disable.. no rune disabled.. no items disable.. not even a freaking acknowledgement from riot that his is happening this is on the same tier as the {{champion:22}} hack. (you may remember {{champion:268}} spawning turrets with his Q during that bug) luckily for me, MY game i had it in was UNranked... other people are losing RANKED game because WE CANT BUY ITEMS!! HOW CAN YOU NOT ADDRESS THIS? THIS ISN'T PBE, THIS IS LIVE!!! and now we have a new patch notes that don't even talk about it being fixed or even known or anything. PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF GOD (and I'm Atheist) TELL US THAT YOUR LOOKING INTO THIS!!!! Because all we know is it has something to do with support and normally effects those how tend to use {{item:3504}}.
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