Should we be taking ADC mid lane and Mages bot????

Thoughts? EDIT: My opinion. ADC in solo lanes get more XP a better chance to farm up more gold to buy their expensive items. Since the game is so fast paced ADC need to find a way to catch up. This could be their viable option. Now some ADC may not be able to survive due to lack of mobility, well this can be fixed with staying safe and buying defensive items. Some adc back in the early seasons used to rush {{item:3072}} due to the survivability aspect , perhaps we should do the same now? Most adc players will have to adjust their playstyles when facing people who can burst them down, this isnt so different than facing supports with high cc. avoid it and then punish them for missing. dont forget the advantage adc have over others with their high AD and high Range. Most mages have shitty armor to start the game with so ur 2 autos equals their one dmg ability. I think mages bot could also be more important than a adc due to the fact that they can contest dragons alot easier since adc early game legit do nothing and shouldnt even be fighting but with a mage alot can change. ADC will also be able to have more freedom to roam or at least the ones that can will be more sought after. New meta? maybe {{sticker:slayer-jinx-catface}}
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