Is Kled sleeper op or balanced?

First forum post, so might be bad/cringe. So recently, my friends have been telling me that Kled is busted, and as a Kled main I want to be proud of who I main because, not only does no one play Kled which makes me feel more unique than other mains, I also do enjoy the champion itself and everything about him. But when my friends start telling me that he's busted and op, I start to doubt my own abilities and skill, like am I a good player, or is it Kled thats carrying me through all my games? When they first started to see my Kled in action they would be impressed by the fact that I can get ganked by the enemy jungler and 2 v 1 them, but now its a matter of, "Oh since he's playing Kled no wonder he can 2 v 1". So, is Kled just sleeper op, or is there some sort of flaw in his design that makes him balanced that they just don't realise? After checking his patch history, he hasn't gotten any notable nerfs or buffs, but instead only bug fixes, so that wants me to believe that he is in a balanced state. Also, in many patches he's not even S tier, and in he's not even IN a tier, so thats another reason why I want to believe he's balanced. He's also only good at one thing, which is fighting. He's has no real utility except for his tether, and his ult. Another problem is that he never sees pro play and I am curious why? TL;DR: Is Kled just busted or is he balanced and why?
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