Riot buffing dmg on tanks, except for the one who actually needs it..

{{champion:27}} Currently Singed is forced to build _full ap_ just to be relevant, because his base dmg is so low it can't compete in the current high damage meta. And as such, ironically, all tank builds are out the window. He's also still roughly in what, 40th place for top lane? Even behind a bunch of champs that aren't considered top lane picks.. We've asked for meaningful buffs for like 8 months now and got some fluff ones to shut us up. Even on r/singedmains there's a meme now about how we've been nerfed so bad, the only thing left to nerf was his lore (apparently now his name is 'peter singed' /wrists). Stop buffing the damage on tanks that don't need it, and _give them defenses_ like everyone and their grandparents are asking for. And give Singed some BASE damage while keeping AP ratios the same, so he isn't pigeon holed into the same AP build, just to barely scrape by. Every other tank in this game is getting damage buffs while not asking for it, except for Singed. We actually _want_ damage so we CAN be tanky again.
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