Can we change GA back to being a pure defensive item?

for such a strong defensive item ... literally a revive but only viable for AD too? .... i just played vs a full AD team and we stacked armour but we felt punished because they all just mainly built GA and revived ....... GA used to be good because if you wanted to revive and stay relevent it meant sacrificng some damage but now you just get damage and a powerful revive ... whats worse is that it buiilds out of a BF which is a strong damage item as well as chain vest .... so even as you build it youre not being put down in any way and for only 2800 i find it annoying to have to deal with seeing a GA almost every game ...... I just feel so punished especially vs champs like irelia too ..... its hard enough trying to kill her through titanic/steraks and her W but when she has a GA too i just give up .....

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