Attn Rocksurfers: Seismic shove changes in internal testing

Hey all Taliyah players, We're testing some changes to her W spell internally (will be on pbe soontm). The two different versions that we're working with right now are 1. Vector cast W (similar to rumble ult) 2. Current w cast paradigm without lockout (so as soon as you choose a direction, casting is unlocked) Both are testing pretty well for us internally and are meeting our goals of increased usability for both W and W->E combo. No promises to make but we're targeting the 6.14 patch. Side note: with her current strength and the increased dps from the removal of the W lockout with these changes we will likely have to nerf her in other ways to keep her from going out of control. Possible spaces here are Q mana/early damage or W->E combo damage. This is just a heads up to keep everyone informed but any and all feedback is welcome in this thread.
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