I feel like this rune system only gets realized fully in the hands of limited champions

And what I mean by that is that no "modern" champions ever deviate from what they usually run. Pretty much any champion that has most of their needs fulfilled in-kit will take the same page. Always. When the big point of RR was to make more complex decisions with runes I think this is a large shortcoming of the system that people and Riot have just sort of accepted rather than worked to change. I don't think I appreciated Runes Reforged until I realized how my champions could flex runes for various matchups. Like, Garen is a really simple guy, right? But you look at Garen or Darius mains in high elo and they all deviate on their page from game to game. Grasp, Phase Rush, Fleet. Singed, same thing; Aery or DH or Aftershock. Compare this to more complex champs like Irelia. Conqueror. Every time it'll be conqueror. Every assassin will take Electrocute (granted because DH is ass now). Every tank will grab AFTERshock or Grasp (but only in top). And so on. I still won't call RR a good thing but I've come to respect the choice it gives me to make pages around my champions in a per game basis. Its quite enjoyable to have that layer of strategy even if a lot of champions are still better off than me just spamming the one.

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