Terrorism in League of Legends must be stopped.

Nowadays i'm taken hostage in hopeless games where my team is down 15-30 kills in 15 mins 4 to 0 towers half an item in every player in my team and enemies holding 2 to 3 items.Those who usually refuse to surrender are not those that want to win at all cost it's just those little ignorant 12 yr olds that see his team gets frustrated and just decides to make their life as miserable as possible. Stop calling me a giver a spineless prick "why do you play if u will just surrer scum" I'm just a realist i know when i can or cannot do something. Some games are definetly winnable and comebacks are possible but in the most cases you just get terrorized just because u pressed play and u wanted to rack up some LP. This must be punished equally as bad as any other form of rule violations of the EULA. It's just ridiculously insane that someone can play with my team's mental by just voting a no to vote that is already major votes usually being a 3-2 just because 1 individual hates the internet and tries to play big.
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