AD will ALWAYS win against AP

This is why Riot allow AD items and champions to be dominant in their game. It gives them more money. The only really overpowered AP based champions are AP assassins and a few "chosen" mages that Riot continually try to keep on top. (I.E. {{champion:63}}) by giving them ridiculously high scaling at the start of the game. AP simply has less and less options these days to compete with AD's power. AD champions get {{item:3156}}, a powerful item that ensures their dominance as it allows them to keep damage AND have magic resist. AP have absolutely no equivalent to this. I think Riot are just pandering to the easy AD crowd as it gets them more money and league has become less and less about actual skill over the years. The funny thing is, that unlike "SMITE", where ADC's can MISS auto-attacks and have to aim. League doesn't provide that luxury at all. Hence why {{champion:29}} and {{champion:67}} are so powerful at the moment. Since once they emerge from stealth, there is no way they can miss their damage. Feel free to downvote but I challenge anyone to prove me wrong about this. AP items have been continually gutted over the course of a few years while AD champions have got new and increasingly overpowered items, as well as additional safety, such as {{champion:51}} rework, as just one example. Is there really any point to playing a mage anymore, you are just handicapping yourself, it seems. AP's need Deathfire Grasp back and a new item that is the AP/Armor equivalent of {{item:3156}} with the same effect.
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