Riot's Weird Balance Policy #1: Balancing in a Nuthsell

I remember that there were times Riot was nerfing over powered sides of champions, items and runes. For example, Karma shield was nerfed just because the ability was very very strong when combined with Olaf ult. Or Azir was gutted down just because he was too strong for a late game hyper carry. Yes, there still were broken things, but not everything was over broken. Time passed. New seasons came. Specially mid-season 7. Everything somehow changed suddenly. Nerfes and buffs got crazy. As if it was not enough, season 8 knocked the door and balance got out of control. Riot started to buff everything. I mean, nearly. If there was something over powered, Riot was nerfing it to others' level. But now, nearly all other things are buffing to over powered entities' level. Which is insane but not totally. Champions which were gutted down for being broken in the past stayed untouched, God knows why. And some champions got more broken because of item and rune changes. In the end, power ratios are the same with the past. I mean, nearly. But about threefold of the past. Now everything one shots other things. I mean, nearly... But this not the end and will continue.
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