How to Nerf Sona

(TLDR at bottom) So it's no secret that {{champion:37}} is pretty strong at the moment. She's currently rocking a 53% win rate, has a pretty high pick-rate, and has even been seeing quite a bit of playtime in the professional scene too (even without any additional funneling or a Taric on her team). The real issue though is how impactful her ability-spam is in the later stages of the game. With 45% CDR at level 16, all of her basic abilities only have a few seconds of cool-down. Combine this with the fact that she typically builds a lot of mana-regen items such as {{item:3040}}, {{item:3174}}, and {{item:3504}}, she's able to spam heals, shields, and speed-ups for her entire team pretty much non-stop around mid-late game. Now personally, I'm actually a very big fan of Sona (I have over 1 million mastery points on her), but I'm not so bias that I'll refuse recognize when she's a bit on the OP side; however, I also don't want her to get nerfed in such a way that makes her early laning-phase even more awful than it currently is, or changes how she's fundamentally played. Here's my proposal: **Make sona's aura effects scale with how far away her team-mates are.** Right now, all of Sona's auras have an impact radius of 400 units, meaning she can pretty easily apply the shield, speed-up, and slight damage-boot from her abilities to all of her teammates many times throughout a team fight. Now I would imagine it would feel pretty bad for the Sona player if Rito were to remove some of the effects entirely for the 400 unit range, so to be more specific I'd suggest having a few different "layers" for it's impact. For example: - From 400 units to 300 units away from Sona, have the effects of each aura become 75% of live value. - From 300 units to 200 units away from Sona, have the effects of each aura become 90% of live value. - From 200 units to 0 units away from Sona, have the effects of each aura become 110% of live value. ~ Here's a visualization ~ We'd go from this current setup: To this sort of setup: This change does a couple of things: First, it makes Sona a bit more visceral as a champion, since it requires the player to move around a bit more to tag their teammates with the best buff for each aura. Second, it makes her laning phase just a bit stronger, since it should be pretty easy to for her to tag her lane-partner with the best piece of the aura. Third, it nerfs Sonas late-game aura spam by both making it harder for her to tag all of her allies with the best aura, and if she is tagging them with the best auras, then her team would be pretty susceptible to AOE and Hard-Engage abilities: TLDR: Sona's auras should scale a bit with distance to allies.
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